What's the best Water Bottle with Filter?

The Water Purifier Bottle is in comparison with various water bottles with filters on Amazon. The Brita, Berkley, Camelbak and LifeStraw Go are weighed against the Water Purifier Bottle by Survival Hax.

water purifier bottle

All 5 bottles have quality filters and therefore are BPA Free. 3 out from the 5 can purify heavy metals. 2 out of the 5 can filter a lot more than 200 gallons. Simply one of them has filtration capabilities of .1 microns.

The Lifestraw go and Survival Hax bottles have removable survival purification straws which can be back washed.

For office utilize the Berkley, Brita, and Camelbak are best. They've got better water flow compared to other 2 bottles. For camping, prepping, backpacking, and bug out bags, The Lifestraw and Survival Hax are superior.

filter straw bottle